Putting off the Inevitable


You know what it is, don’t you?

Yes, I do, too. In fact, I’m probably as good at it as the next guy. I just have self-imposed deadlines to eventually kick my rear-end in gear. I’ve spent many a night burning candles until 1 or 2 or even 3 in the morning, working on projects to meet those self-imposed deadlines. I’ve accepted that as permissible behavior, and so have those who work with me.

In a call today, I spoke with a young man who’s income just keeps going up and up and up (he’s not far from surpassing mine, yet, the little bugger is only 26!).

One of the things he does well is constant educational inflow. He is always looking for new information and material to increase his income for his business and personally. (You do that, too, don’t you?)

In our call together, he began to tell me about a service he provides and the changes he was going to make to it to increase the value.

I listened carefully.

What I heard him doing was creating work for himself, but moving away from the inevitable…the SELLING of the service, which has to be the most important part – the focus. Don’t worry about delivery. Don’t worry about client satisfaction…YET. You have to SELL the crown before those other things matter.

That doesn’t mean I don’t care about satisfaction or delivery. THAT is also a must. BUT…don’t lose focus on the critical part – getting the pt to nod and accept the tx first (the sale). THEN, and only then should the other issues kick into play.

OK, let me clarify again…PLAN out what your follow-up and “servicing” will look like and how it will be delivered, but, work first and foremost on selling. THAT in and of itself is what most of us trip up on…the presentation of tx (hopefully not by you but your team). The technical aspects are what you learned in dental school. So, you should be competent in that field already.

Train, work hard and keep on honing your case selling (presentation) skills (you AND your team)…And, stay focused! Let your team worry about the rest!

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