Readers Digest

OK troops…This is where the rubber meets the road. The largest in-print publication in the world with MILLIONS in circulation just handed you a done-for-you promotion on a silver platter!

This ought to be worth TONS of treatment and even some NPs!

I would also use it to send out a press release and ride on the buzz!

Ok… Here is an idea of what you can send to your patients.

Dear Friends,


Have you seen the July issue of Readers Digest? In case you haven’t, I’ve included a copy of the article.


            This article, although scary when you read through it, reinforces the very fact

that putting off regular visits to our office can truly turn into larger problems that no

one, especially us, wants to see.


            The 2000 Surgeon General’s report cited that oral disease (health problems

inside your mouth) is a “silent epidemic.” Because problems in your mouth are often

not visible and pain doesn’t always show up right away to alert you to a potential issue,

it’s imperative you receive high-quality, thorough Dental Exams as prescribed by your



            We truly are here to help you avoid pain and long-term problems.


            Don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment or if you just have a question

about the enclosed article or your own Oral Health.


P.S. If it’s been some time (over 6 months) since you’ve visited our office, feel free

to call and make an appointment. Mention this letter and receive your routine exam

at half price! Plus, your friends and family are always welcome! We’ve included a few

referral cards for your convenience!

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