Records. Tracking. Progress.

Last week one of my clients implemented a new bonus program.

It’s based on current trends and goals I’ve helped them set.

It’s a generous program. I want it to be. When they hit it, it will be a big deal, no doubt. And, based on a record-setting week, I feel like they will shortly.

One week this year was a record week for that dental practice. They did over $10,000 in production.

It’s no secret that they hit the advertising pretty hard. They did 6,000 postcards. 11,000 inserts.

A nice influx of NPs, and an even NICER influx of cash.

There’s certainly a cause/effect relationship there. They spent money advertising. They set a record in the practice.

They carefully track the daily production and where they are at every phase of the day – mid-morning, noon, afternoon and where they ended up.

Are you and your team doing the same? Is someone on your team letting the other players, you included, know where you stand for the day?

If your goal is $3000 per day and it’s noon and you don’t know where you stand, how do you know if you’ll hit your goal or not?






It’s the only way you’ll ever make your goals.

Go Get ‘Em!

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