I read somewhere recently that a dental practice should remodel their Front Office about every 5 to 6 years.

I agree. You see really successful businesses doing this.

Re-do, improve and remodel where your clients CAN see – like your website.

There are two lessons here: remodel and improve that which your pt sees. Next, delegate what you’re NOT good at to someone who is so the project gets done.

Look around your office. When was the last time the carpet, furniture, paint, posters, artwork, chairs, etc. were updated?

It doesn’t cost a huge fortune, and, if you’re doing business the right way (this is an accounting and business planning thing), you should have a reserve account set aside for these kinds of improvements ANYWAY. If you set aside $250 a month for once every year or every two years improvements, it’ll be no big deal. Paint’s cheap and so’s labor. It’s amazing what that alone can do for a dark or dingy or outdated practice look.

You can get some cool, nice furniture these days that also kick things up.

For less than $5000 or so, you can really make some significant changes and really BRIGHTEN your office. Not only will pts notice and comment, your team will enjoy the change.

Contrary to what some folks think, change like that can and 99% of the time is positive.

Get on it!

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