Resolutions You Can/Should Stick To

Health – Lose a pound a month if you’re overweight – Just CONSCIOUSLY push your rear away from the table EARLIER than normal. After a few weeks, it’ll be a habit. Next, walk 20 minutes a day, 4 times a week. Do it in the morning. No, don’t give excuses, just change your schedule and do it!

Block off Time – Begin to block off time, starting TODAY in your schedule for personal, self-improvement time. BLOCK it out, NOW.

Swift Sword – Don’t wait for the cancer to kill you. Kill it. In other words, if you detect problems in your practice OR in your personal life (which then spills over into the practice), eradicate the problem TODAY. Delaying kills you instead. Look around your surroundings – what do you not like that is going on? Why are you letting it continue? Why not get rid of it? This goes for staff, partners, and so on.

Immunity to Criticism – Super-Successful, high-achievement folks do not let what others say get to them. Why should you?

Make Your Lists – Give yourself a present for the holidays – Make a list of things you want to do more of and make another list of things you wish to completely do away with. One of the things I vowed to rid myself of was bookkeeping. I had it fixed for a while, but now it’s back. However, just today I took steps to get it BACK out of my hair. (Keep in mind, NEVER give up the check-signing responsibility and constantly monitor the books regardless!)

Invest More – In knowledge, information, skills and expert assistance. Of course that sounds self-serving. However, there’s a correlation as Dan Kennedy would say, “as certain as gravity,” that the more you invest in you, your staff, etc., and in those that serve you, the better you’ll do.


Give More – Another wealth principle: The more you give the more you get. Pick a couple good, solid causes and contribute money and time. Don’t be greedy, ‘cause there’s more coming down the pipe…Opportunity is unlimited. You just have to be ready to receive it.

Got Teeth? – Create a few resolutions that have some teeth to them. Hold yourself accountable and hold those helping you accountable. Measure it regularly.

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