In a recent blog this is what I wrote:

I was supposed to talk about American Financial Services in this blog. But, something more impt has crept up – or shall I say more TIMELY.

Last week, a client mailed 2500 Simple BLUE Postcards. They are essentially the same as the Green Postcards.

By 2:00 or so, they had 6 calls. SIX calls. That’s almost INSTANT PATIENTS folks.

Now…here’s what else they did:

20,000 GIANT postcards sent via Merchant Mail

20,000 TAB-ONS. These will appear on the front page of the Statesman Journal. Every Dentist in town will be green with envy as we SNAG about 40+ new patients on that one day… That is also on the website.

Were these two projects expensive? Sort of. But, if they get 50 patients total, I’ll be so happy…that will equate to a return of monstrous proportions. $1,500 (avg pat valu in first year) x 50 = $75,000 in production less costs of $1440 + $2400 (above two projects) = $71160 – 75% overhead = $17790 or almost NET $5:$1 ROI. What that means is that we will NET $5 for every single buck we spend.

How many times should they repeat the sequence? As many times as they want to earn $5 off every $1 invested. (BTW, that’s a 500% return!)

And yes, I was suppose to talk about AFS, and I will. BUT, let me give you some initial results so far from the above 2 advertising campaigns.

***The GIANT postcards: 20+ calls. 23 pts so far. Initial estimate on ROI: $1440 spent, $34,500 LIKELY in production.

***The 20,000 Tab-Ons: 30+ calls yesterday. 31 pts appointed.Initial estimate on ROI: $2400 spent, $46,500 LIKELY in production.

If you’re wondering if these will work in your town on your kind of people. No. Not a chance. They don’t need dental care. They’re too sophisticated. They won’t be good pts. Etc. Etc. [insert other excuses here].

These are two VERY solid promotions any Dentist could easily run for less than $5,000 total and see over 50 patients, and that doesn’t include the 15 or 20 referrals we’ll also take in…I didn’t even go there!

So, how about AFS?

American Financial Services is the most prudent, affordable, flexible, PROVEN patient financing deal in the marketplace today.

They’ve are great for growing practices and they provide affordable monthly payments to patients.

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