Scary Thoughts

Halloween is still months away, but in another 30 to 45 days, you’ll start seeing Halloween stuff appear in the stores. In case you’ve been sleeping the last few years, Halloween has become THE biggest holiday of the year, right after my favorite: Christmas.

            There’re two lessons in this week’s Blog: 1.) What are YOU doing to benefit from the big day in October – have you planned out a practice promotion activity yet (candy x-raying, using your office as a “stop along the way for your patients and their friends,” and so on)? 2.) Scary thought: Do you know what dollars you are spending on advertising are REALLY working and how are you evaluating them (you knew I’d get something about Marketing in there, didn’t you?!)

This week’s ACTION-TO-TAKE TIP: When a new promotion is running for your office, monitor the results. Not weekly, but daily. This is what you should do: When the “first call” comes in, it’s recorded. The mailing, for all intents and purposes, “has hit mailboxes.” From there, personally monitor the results on a daily basis, track it on your desk, and calculate sales, returns on investment and so on. You have a “service/product” you sell, but your primary responsibility is MARKETING THAT SERVICE. Otherwise, what’s the point of offering the service?

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