Scheduling: A 2-Part Challenge

In most dental offices (at least profitable practices), a schedule dictates success. It can also dictate failure or mediocrity.

There is a dental group in Salem that schedules to daily goal. Whether or not that is what you do or what you believe in, you should be. Without a goal, no thought is given to a high production day or lower production day. And worse, no one ever tried to combat low production days. No one cares.

Right now, for the month of March, they are shooting for $40,000. That may not sound like much to you or it may sound about right. This is a 1-doc practice, 2 DAs, no hygienist (yet), 1 FOP and in the office 3.5 days per week, seeing MOSTLY new pts.

So, they simply worked backwards – if they’ll be in the office 3.5 days per week and there are 4 weeks (full ones) on average, that means they have to do: $2,857 per day. They’ve got a goal and it’s the FOP’s JOB to make her best attempt at getting that on the books every day.

That’s a brief lesson, a very brief lesson, in scheduling.

My contention is that you comprehend and “get” why that’s critical. However, what I notice with my clients is that they are OK with scheduling PATIENTS to goal, but NOT THEMSELVES.

In other words, they don’t have goals driving them in other parts of their lives. So…they have one component, a major one, that is scheduled to goal, but elsewhere, they’re floundering.

If you’re NOT hitting, exceeding, or SETTING goals for other aspects of your life – whether it be in your personal real estate business, your CE, time off, etc. then no wonder you’re not hitting it.

If you can coordinate, or hire people that can coordinate a practice schedule, your personal life really ought to be a cakewalk.

This week’s challenge: See what more you can accomplish if in just the next 7 days you utilize and up-date your own “Schedule.” For me, I work really well with yellow legal pads with continuously updated TO-DO LISTS. If you work best out of a Daytimer or some other time management program, use it and let it pave the way to success!

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