Selling Top-Flight Dentistry

“You can get everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want.” –Zig Ziglar

To Sell the patient, Sell yourself (AND your staff), first.



The 80:20 Rule – Listen First, Talk Later.

            Recently I was in L.A. for a Mastermind Meeting with a group of about 18 other businessmen.  I had some time before the meeting started so I had pre-arranged a “drop-in” with a client in Laguna Hills, a nice suburb south of the big city.

            The office environment was comfortable and nice, although the waiting area was scrunched. This doctor has two associates, one female, one male. The male has been with the doctor for, I believe, three years. The doctor was frustrated because the male associate’s numbers had leveled off and were dropping.

            After no more than 10 seconds of speaking with the associate doctor, I had the answer.

            He was a talker. A ‘know-it-all.’ And, despite being a talker, he lacked real self-confidence, and I could tell he wasn’t the least bit interested in what others were saying.

            Turns out, the female associate, who’s been with the doctor for only about 9 months, was fast-approaching the male associates numbers.

            She, the opposite of the male associate, exhibited self-confidence, was interested in what OTHERS were saying, and consequently, probably today, just about one month later, I would bet she’s surpassed her colleagues numbers.

            People Buy with Their Emotions, Not Their Brains

            To quote Dr. Jerry Herrington DDS, “If you want to lead a horse to water, make sure he’s thirsty first. When he drinks it will because he feels thirsty. It won’t be because you sold him on the idea with words. People are no different.”

            Use Visual Perception, Wherever Possible

            People believe what they see much more often and more strongly than that which they cannot.

This week’s ACTION-TO-TAKE TIP: Review the above four points. Are you using these and any other available methods in your practice?

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