I recently dropped my truck off at a local Salem business.

I drive by the darn place twice without even knowing it.

I go to the café close by and ask, “Where’s the Bedliner place?”

Nice gal I recognize from years ago who’d served me many great sandwiches points, “Down the street, 1st right, all the way in the back.”

So I get in my car, take the first right, and notice a sign, no kidding, 3” high and maybe 8” wide. White background, black letters.

I drive to the back after turning right and see nothing resembling what I’m supposed to be looking for. So, like an idiot, I drive two times right by the place.

Finally, after stopping, getting out my binoculars, I spot another sign.

Shoot, I have better luck than this hunting big game in Alaska!

Anyway, so I pull in. Guy out front says, “Took a tour of the neighborhood I see.”

No. Really. Gee, I wonder if he could tell I was thoroughly annoyed?

So, I ask the obvious, “Why don’t you get a better set of signs? It took my eyes getting cranked up to 8×40 power to find this place.”

He says to me, “Well, I thought about it 3 years ago, but they wanted so much for a new sign I thought what I made would work just fine.”

Maybe. Maybe not. Frankly, he just about lost me as a customer. I’d even made an appt., put down a deposit to get the work done, and I was about 10 seconds from losing interest and just going on with my day.

What do your signs look like? On the surveys you send weekly to your new patients (you DO those, right?), do you have a question on it that asks “Was our office easy to find?”

That’d be a good indicator you may need a new location or better signage. Signage is inherently less expensive and easier to get done than moving your practice…unless the cost to get a sign on the side of that high rise you’re in is more expensive than re-locating. Investigate and make a sensible decision.

Your patients will thank you for it!

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