Slow Downs…How to Handle ‘em

I’ve never yet come across a client who enjoyed slow downs. They’re depressing, annoying, draining and just a HUGE pain in the butt.

However, they happen to the best of us. The momentum slows down and the energy from us and our teams gets sucked right from our stomach – like a sharp turn on a speedway – except we don’t make it and crash into the wall.

I’m going to specifically address how I handle them and hopefully, they will give you some footing, energy or whatever you need to pull through, cause, and this is Rule #1, there’s ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel, even when you’re staring at the big light on the locomotive.

First, let me explain how Lucky you and I are to be in charge of our own destiny and income (sometimes a good thing and other days, well, you know what I mean, we’d rather be pumping gas with zero responsibility, right?). A good friend of mine told me a story of a guy we both know. He’s a US distributor (the only one) for a well-known German shoe company.

Just built a HUGE 10,000+ square foot house. Has several Harleys, a huge, rather, GIGANTIC horse training facility (brand new), large travel trailer, new cars, and on and on.

My friend always thought this guy had it made. Business. Money. $750,000/yr income.

Then, last week, the proverbial crap hit the fan.

He was “kicked” out of the company as the US Distributor. He’s looking at losing his house (he will) and in short, he’s up a creek without a paddle. His wife is pissed. (I won’t go there.) His kids are all out of sorts.

How BAD is your situation? If it’s crappy cause things are slow…could be worse.

His primary mistake was putting his future in someone else’s hands (the shoe company). His secondary mistake was: HE HAD NO SAVINGS! He spent every penny he made.

Now, first thing I do when the it hits the fan, is this: I look around and see really how bad I DON’T have it. Next, I look at WHY I got into the situation I find myself in so I don’t repeat it.

Finally, I begin to formulate a plan on how to get myself OUT of the funk/slowdown/problem or whatever.

A PLAN always makes me feel better. It also puts things into perspective.

So, if things are bad, look around. Follow my steps and formulate a plan.

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