Split-Testing Postcards For Maximum Results

There are a couple things I wanted to cover in this blog. First though, some recent results on two different types of marketing campaigns, yet, equally effective.

A recent experimental mailing in the small coastal town of Coos Bay, Oregon, we mailed 2000 of a modified version of a Simple Green (Ugly Green) postcard. As of last count, more than THIRTY patients have been appointed. These were two completely different postcards, and as far as the tx numbers, it’ll be a while before the dust settles.

A couple of you asked about ways to ask your patients for referrals. Here, is my version:

“Mary, We’re lucky to have you here as a patient! If you have any friends or family members you think might enjoy the same kind of tx we offer you here, feel free to let them know about us. Janise up front has referral cards you can give them if you’d like. Thanks again for letting us work with you.”

Of course this isn’t verbatim, but a version of this where you let them know how important THEY are to you and let them know that if they have friends or family that would like to be treated in the same manner as you treat them, to send ‘em on in.

Just keep in mind: ANYTIME you communicate with ANYONE, if you want their help, their assistance, you gotta let them know what’s in it for them and how much you appreciate them. People DO want to help…you just have to let them know how to help and how much you appreciate it.

Following up referrals with a Gift Program is the best way you can thank your patients.

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