Submarine, Battleship & a Cruise Line: Contd.

If you’ll recall I recently talked about the “Submarine” and some of the group characteristics displayed.

After a few weeks, and sometimes, if the dynamics are really good, within a day or so, many groups will hit the next phase – lovingly referred to as the “Battleship.”

It has some of these characteristics:

1)      people begin to have short fuses.

2)      people generate and perpetuate “white lies.”

3)      people begin pointing fingers.

4)      no one wants to step up to the plate and take blame or accept responsibility; then…

5)      1 or 2 strong members begin to bond and wonder, “What’s going on and how do we fix this?”

You might recognize your practice as either IN this phase of group dynamics or having BEEN in this phase.

So battle has begun and artillery is being launched. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is excited about being in the group. The ship begins to tilt and looks like it’s going to sink.

But, luckily, many times, point #5 above will occur. WARNING: IF point 5 does NOT occur, it’s up to the leader or in the case of a dental practice, the OWNER to step up and begin to address and tackle the B.S. by sitting the group down and opening up the lines of communication.

What you’ll find is, “I can’t believe we’re even arguing about this! This is SO Stupid!”

Yep, this stuff is all about communication or lack of.

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