Submarine, Battleship & a Cruise Line: Contd. Contd.

I have talked about the “Battleship” and some of the group characteristics displayed.

After a few weeks, and sometimes, if the dynamics are really good, within a day or so, many groups will hit the next phase – the Cruise Liner…

The more desirable phase is one word: COMMUNICATION.

The Cruise Liner has some of these characteristics:

1)      people are anxious to board & put the past two phases behind them.

2)      people are more interested in helping each other.

3)      people begin taking responsibility for their successes and failures.

4)      NO ONE wants to get off of the Cruise Liner. They’ll do whatever it takes to keep the ship afloat and on track…and finally;

5)      an ownership mentality sets in that must be rewarded and fostered to ensure smooth sailing!

You might recognize your practice as either IN this phase of group dynamics or having BEEN in this phase.

As I’ve said before, Communication is key. As important though is leadership. Many times when the Cruise Liner phase can’t be met, it’s due to lack of leadership and direction. So, as employers and leaders (a good leader is a great follower, too), we need to check our own issues at the door and be sure we’re assisting in the transition vs. fighting it or holding it back.

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