Taking Personal Respnsibility

I want to talk a minute about personal responsibility.

I have a client, I’ve talked about him before…He has a difficult time accepting personal responsibility.

Here’s the story: We’ve been sending his newsletter every month for the last 4 months (really, he’s been around for over 3 years doing newsletters every single month) and sending him a copy of his patient list every single month for him to review and make corrections to.

Turns out, there are 19 duplicates on the list. They’ve been there for the last 4 months.

He asked if we could refund him the money on the 19 for the last 4 months.

I said, “Sure, but only for the first month. THAT was our responsibility, the OTHER 3 months are yours. You’ve been getting the list and been able to make changes to them, but for whatever reason you waited and now want us to take it in the shorts for sending out the dupes. If we HAD the changes from you and hadn’t made them, that’d be one thing. But, we had NO changes. So, we’ll accept responsibility for the first month, but thereafter, that’s your ball game.”

Same goes with patients. Normally, I’d like to say, ah, heck, let’s just take FULL responsibility for their actions (or inaction as in this case). BUT, and this is the important part:

WHERE’s the line drawn?

I’m a big enough boy to know when I’ve erred and do my darnedest to fix it. BUT, it does get old accepting responsibility for others when they are too thin brained to take it themselves.

Not to go off on a political tangent, but when did people start thinking that it’s the govt.’s responsibility to take care of them? Heck, if you have a brain, 2 legs and 2 arms, then find work, save money, live within your means and ACCEPT responsibility for where you are at and TAKE ACTION TO CHANGE IT IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT!

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