The Most Important 10 Minutes You Spend With Your Team

A long time ago, I was advised by a mentor to take each person in my office and spend five to 10 minutes with them each week.

He advised asking a few simple questions:

1)      How are YOU doing?

2)      How am I doing?

3)      How are WE doing?

An amazing transformation begins to occur about 3 or 4 weeks after you start this.

I meet with the team, or most of them, depending on schedules, once a week for about five minutes each. They give me the “dish” on what’s happening with them and the practice and I ALWAYS make it a point to ask them, “Is there anything you need from me that would allow you to do your job more efficiently or easier?”

EVERYONE looks forward to the time and they all know I am listening and doing SOMETHING about their concerns.

I challenge you to do this in your office. It’ll make a huge difference – your life will be so much easier and your relationship with your team will only solidify.

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