The Power of a NAP: Get Your Staff in the Habit!

Some of you may be wondering WHY I am asking your staff to make a habit of taking a nap?

To be fair, I’m not talking about a regular ‘ol nap. Really, in my world, a NAP stands for a Name, Address and Phone Number (or NAPE! Name, Address, Phone and Email!).

As a requirement we ask all Quantum Clients to gather the name, address and phone number of every single incoming patient call – scheduled or not!

From the audits we conduct here in my office at your offices, I am concerned. In fact, I can’t harp on just our clients! Heck, we do work for top dental consultants (I won’t mention any names – suffice it to say, you’d recognize them in an instant!) and even THEIR clients’ staff make the error of not gathering or taking a NAP.

Be sure to train your staff: Get the name, address and phone number AND email address of every single incoming call. If the call is generated and no appt is scheduled…ask yourself, why pay for the call to come in the first place? Why not capture that info, send them a personal letter (we have samples for you!) and include a brochure on one of your favorite or best-selling treatments! Include a discount certificate, too!

But, don’t stop there. Follow up with a phone call back to make sure the prospect received your information and GET THE APPT BOOKED!

This week’s ACTION-TO-TAKE TIP: Train your staff to ensure compliance in gathering and taking the NAP of every single incoming phone call from a prospective patient. It gives you and us a great reference as to what’s working…it can also provide an indicator or what we could/should include in your marketing to answer a question a caller might have…then when they call it will be for an appt and not just a question!

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