The Power of Deaf Ears

How many times each day do you hear the word, “No?”

I’d wager a bet it’s at least 4 or 5 (from patients alone!).

What do you do when someone tells you, “No, doc, I just can’t __________ right now.”

Do you forget them? Do you “write it off” as a failed attempt at a sale?

Or, do you simply IGNORE IT?

Guess which is most profitable? Ignoring it, of course!

In a typical day, I bet I hear or feel the word “no” over a hundred times. Each day, there are over 100 sales messages going out from my office. Those that don’t respond, effectively, are saying “No.”

Do I care? Yes, but only to the extent of “How can I get them to say Yes’?”

The best way is to make sure my message(s) got through. How do I figure that out? Well, it’s different for me, but I know my message got thru if they DO SAY YES, by placing an order or subscribing to one of our services.

What do YOU do? What does your staff do?

Here’s my best-kept secret for this problem: IGNORE IT and KEEP ASKING FOR THE SALE!

This week’s ACTION-TO-TAKE TIP: If you find you or your staff accepting a “NO,” keep on asking. One of the best ways to do this is the emergency production letter. It effectively does what you and your staff do every day … ask for the sale.

BONUS TIP: Use that same letter ANY time you need an emergency cash flow surge! (DO NOT OVERUSE IT THOUGH!)

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