The Power Of Your Voice…How To Use It To Increase The Effectiveness of Your Website!


I hope everyone’s week is going nicely. There is dentist I have in mind that is doing exceptionally well. Here is why:

He’s a good communicator.

He has absolutely NO problem telling a patient what they need and when they should get it done. Consequently, a HUGE percentage of the new patients he is seeing (which is probably over 70% of his schedule at this point) are moving forward with the tx he recommends.

Now, part of communicating has to do with your voice inflections and how commanding it sounds.

Notice the next time you sell a big case…Pay real close attention to:

How did you sound?

(Incidentally, I recommend to ALL of you that you record your case presentations a few times and review how you sounded, what you said to the pt, what you did to get them to take action, and note whether or not you sounded “unsure” or “whimpy” about your recommendations.)

Above I mention use of voice to increase the effectiveness of your website. Many of the sites I’m visiting now have AUDIO added to their site. Claims are that response rates have bumped close to 300%.

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