The Single Most Important Day in the Life of a ‘Normal’ Patient

There is one day for every single patient you have (well, almost – I will explain more in a minute) that is very important. It’s one day every year that marks a milestone. Some like it, some say they don’t (they likely DO, but just can’t face facts).

I happen to like it.

What is it? My birthday.

This DOES relate to advertising…Hang in there.

The most important word (or most effective) in advertising is FREE. I firmly believe the SECOND most important word in advertising is


You see, most people like reading their name. They like hearing their name (hence, when you greet patients ALWAYS use their name! Any opportunity you have, USE THEIR NAME! It’s music to our ears!)!

So…every month, if you have 1000 patients, approximately 1/12 of those you SHOULD BE RECOGNIZING and they should be getting a special offer/gift from you!

You should recognize them in your patient newsletter. You should be recognizing them in your office by including their name on a birthday list. AND, most importantly, you should be sending them a birthday card…Do ‘em all on the 1st of the month. That way, it’s a once-a-month project and it’s outta your hair. OR, do them weekly if you can find a good, friendly, dependable, conscientious high schooler to do them for you.

And, believe it or not, you can make a big deal out of your OWN birthday – like FREE Exams & X-Rays to New Patients for your birthday week! A press release to the media in your area ought to accomplish that nicely! EMBRACE your age and PROFIT from it!

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