The Worst Number in ANY Business is…ONE.

“The absolute worst number in ANY business is ONE.”

I couldn’t figure out what it meant. Until I got back to the office and found out my star account executive had gone lame on me. He upset some of my very loyal clients by not disclosing facts, and to top it off, left on a vacation in the midst of several of them learning about his trust issues.

I know for you, it’s happened with team members. Doesn’t matter if it’s front office, back office, ofc mgrs, etc.

I also learned the hard way that it also means equipment.

Just the other day my friend told me his Statim 2000 hit the wall.

Crap. What does he do?

No back up. ONE Statim is the worst number, right?

Fortunately, the neighboring office had the same model so we took our tray of goods and were able to stay on top of things that way.

What is his front ofc person doing this afternoon? She’s hunting around on eBay looking for a back-up. It doesn’t have to be new. It can be on its last legs for all he cares. It just needs to be able to function as a back-up.

Another example: He has 2 EFDAs in the office, and if I include the FOP, 3 total. All are trained very well, cross trained, and can function well in different positions.

But, even with two, three EFDAs, he’s not content. What if one is sick? Now he’s down to two, and really, just one.

So,  when he had a resume show up via fax for a sealant certified EFDA with Dentrix and Dexis experience, he had the FOP call her, interview her and find out if she would be available for back-up.

And, you just never know when a team member might leave?! You know the saying, “Life Happens.”

Today, I encourage you to examine the systems and areas in your office where ONE is the worst number. It’ll save you in a pinch and the best way to thwart surprises is to be prepared and ready for them.

I would do it like this: Ask each person on your team to ID the areas where ONE is a bad number. Evaluate the risk associated with each “going bad” and make a plan of attack to rectify each.

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