Tracking Postcards….

The power of a postcard is next to impossible, really, to measure.

Here’s why:

When we mailed our first-ever Postcard, Wow! What a novel idea! (When you’re in the business of advertising, it’s amazing what takes time to sink in!)

It was the size of a half sheet of paper, full color and advertised our postcard marketing program services. After many years a potential client calls with one.

So, how do you track the ROI on that bugger?

I can tell you the new client will be worth roughly $4,000 in his first year with us. The postcard didn’t cost anywhere near that to mail to all 4,000 of the names in our leads database. Looking back, we had 3 other folks also take us up on that offer.

To me, that says we are STILL making money on a postcard we mailed a long time ago, and to-date has brought in over $20,000 in sales.

When you mail a postcard to generate a new patient, it doesn’t stop there. What happened to us will happen to you.

What are you doing to motivate the new movers in your area to call you? Is this an overlooked opportunity?

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