TWO Important Items…


So two lessons this week:

1.)    Are you living your dream, or just dreaming? Are you paying attention to the signs all around you? Are you open to receiving and accepting change?

2.)    Are you staying in touch with each and every person you like and you’ve seen in your practice, each month and are you ready to be there for them when they call you?

I have learned several things. I learned to listen to my voice. Live my dream. Take nothing for granted. Cherish and really enjoy my personal relationships. Stay in touch with people who’ve crossed my path because I never know when I’ll be able to help them live their dream or realize their full potential.

As a Dentist, you have the ability to change lives daily. You have the ability to enhance and forever impact every single pt you come in contact with. Don’t take that responsibility or ability lightly.

We’re all just a fast moving Chevy or a slip away from total loss and…

NOW, go kick some butt and change some lives…Because that’s the best thing we can all do!

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