What Are You Doing?

Consistent and persistent advertising builds and builds and builds practices.

Couple of questions to ask yourself:

1.)            Do you have a plan in place that produces NPs every month without your involvement?

2.)            Do you track results and make adjustments accordingly?

3.)            Are you CONSTANTLY training your front office and others who answer your phone how to sell appointments?

4.)            Do you AUDIT your front office?

5.)            What has gone well this year, that you plan to duplicate next year?

6.)            Do you have your insurance letters ready to go out? Round one should have dropped already! Your follow-up should be planned and ready soon.

7.)            Do you have a Thank You set up to go out to your pts for Thanksgiving?

What do you want to change in your office NOW that you’ve been putting off? If you do it NOW, tomorrow you get to reap the benefits!

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