What Are YOUR Five Biggest IGNORED Opportunities?

List out YOUR five biggest lost or ignored opportunities; the challenge is to see what you can accomplish in this week, alone.

I know for a fact I am guilty of inaction. How do I know? I wake up in the middle of the night, or while driving down a stretch of Interstate 5 I think of lost or “not-taken” opportunities.

It’s OK in this case to be guilty … at least for a little while. But, now’s the time to get over it and take some action … TODAY.

Here’s a big one: as a health care provider, you likely have your patients birthdays – the year isn’t important.

Unless HIPPA prohibits it, one of the greatest lost, never-taken opportunities is to send your patients a birthday card signed by each of your staff. PEOPLE LOVE getting recognition on their birthday – regardless of what they tell you.

But, don’t stop there. Smart marketers will include a special offer … you should, too.

How about a certificate for a discount on take-home whitening? For children: sealants? Make sure you include an offer. Recognition is a HUGE motivator to get people to take action.

This week’s ACTION-TO-TAKE TIP: Organize your birthday card list. Order enough cards to cover the birthdays in the month – or, if you have, say 1500 patients, order 1500. Get them addressed and stuffed at lunch or during breaks or on the slower days that will soon be here with summer.

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