What Do Your Patients See?

Ask yourself what your patients see and then, through the eyes of a patient, have every member of your staff do the following (WARNING: It’s going to be VERY eye-opening):

Ÿ Call your office posing as a potential pt. Get directions. Are they CLEAR? Easy to navigate?

Ÿ Drive by your practice. What’s signage or front visibility like? How is parking? Is your parking lot trashy or have holes for people to step in? Do you SEE quality when you drive up?

Ÿ Does your front door have finger or hand prints on it?

Ÿ The wall plates (switches) and plug-ins – Are they clean, dust-free, without grease smudges? What about that piece of rubber footing that runs all around the walls next to the floor – is that dusty? Are there lint balls on your furniture? Do window sills and tables pass the “white glove test?” If not, guess what? Your patients, especially women, will doubt your clinical ability.

Ÿ Your bathroom/lav. What’s it like? Is it spotless? If you dropped food on the floor and you were the first one in it after it was cleaned, could you eat it without worrying about sickness? Would there be a hairball attached to it? What does it smell like? No kidding. Seriously, is it a pleasant smell AT ALL TIMES? Do you offer seat guards? What does your soap smell like? Do you offer toothbrushes (even disposable ones) and toothpaste for someone just finishing up or just arriving?

Ÿ In your ops – are the bases of your chairs cleaned? Dust-free? Cobwebs hanging from the ceiling?

These are all things you and I may not see every day since we are in the same environment daily. However, pts popping in once every 6 months or so notice it.

There are obviously other areas to look at. This is a great start though and I encourage you to review it along with each of your staff.

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