What Have You Done?

My question to you is: Have you taken STEPS and taken ACTION to change your practice? To increase production, profits, expanding your mind, getting into areas that are new, uncomfortable and so on?

Seems like every time I do something that either scares the hell out of me or makes me REAL uncomfortable, I make new strides towards a more comfortable business, lifestyle and, did I mention, more profits? Doing the unnatural, uncomfortable, and the unfamiliar translates to more income…plain and simple.

If you want to take huge strides and huge leaps in your income, pick JUST ONE THING A WEEK that you’ve put off because it’s too abnormal (or whatever label you want to put on it), and DO IT. JUST DO IT.

Now, back to what some of you guys are doing out there and the results you’re getting…I’m so excited!

Dr. LaNeve: Implemented Newsletters to existing pts & also sending out Simple Green Postcards to a few thousand non-patients monthly. Results are HUGE. His referrals were doubled! New patients overall were, I believe, DOUBLE over last year…and overall production (including hygiene) up 25%.That’s the result of DOING what we’ve talked about the last 4 or 5 months. ACTION. Good Job Doc! Also, let your team know to keep it up, too!

Dr. Fields: 2 Months in a row of 30 new patients or MORE. Had his two biggest production days EVER (33 years in practice folks…THIRTY-THREE YEARS!).

Dr. Nguyen: This poor fella is so busy, he can’t even get to his 2nd practice! His comment, “The return on the new mover program is quite, quite, nice!” Keep it up, cut back to 1 or 2 days per week and get to working ON your other practice…It’ll pay huge dividends.

Dr. Schaumberg: Kicking BUTT! His referrals are up, has started his own newsletter (WOOHOO!), and like Dr. Fields, made a HUGE leap…He had his BEST month ever in 34 years. Sheesh!

Folks, this isn’t too difficult. Experiment. Find a half-dozen strategies that get the phone ringing, get ‘em booked, see ‘em, collect your cash and get them booked again for more tx.

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