What I Learned from a Local Retailer – A Clothing Store –

Downtown Salem isn’t all that exciting. It’s probably like most older towns with a hundred thousand or so people. Old town area, mall, lack of parking (my biggest pet peeve and the city just doesn’t get it!), riverfront with a carousel and so on.

There’s a mall downtown, too. It’s a big brick structure complete with Nordstroms, Macy’s, Kohl’s and so on. And no, this message IS NOT about Nordstroms! I think I’ve found a retailer that could actually teach them a thing or two.

I’m talking about “The Buckle.”

I first heard about The Buckle a few years ago. A friend talked about how cooperative they were with his parent’s photography studio, often supporting their promotions with coupons, window signage, etc. However, I thought they were a local Montana company, not a national retailer.

Well, now Salem’s fortunate to have The Buckle.

It’s a “hip” store, catering to the teens and twenty-somethings and offering the latest fashions in jeans, shirts, and so on.

You’d think a place like this would NOT be customer service oriented. After all, most clothing retailers are all alike, with Nordstroms usually being the obvious standout. Don’t get me wrong, I STILL like Nordies and enjoy their half-yearly, half-off men’s sale. I’m there and that’s when I do my heavy shopping.

This same friend tells me that he finds one pair of jeans. The floor sales gal swoops over, asks if he’d like to “try them on.” Of course, he being the guy he is, he listens and says, “Yes, in fact I would.”

You see, the floor gal wants to get him in his fitting room in his skivvies so she can begin (no, no, get your mind out of the gutter) to pummel him with OTHER CLOTHING OPTIONS THAT WILL MATCH HIS JEANS.

It’s akin to the TV salesman asking you to use the remote, the car salesman getting you to test drive the car and so on…They are getting you to accept and take ownership of the product/service they want you to buy. It’s the SAME EXACT reason we offer freebies sometimes – to get people started and in the habit of using our services!!!!!

So, the floor gal ends up selling him not just the jeans he came in for, but a few shirts, socks, and I think another pair of jeans. She did an excellent job.

Think carefully, very carefully about what you offer a patient when they get in your “fitting room.” Do you OFFER them other options, like whitening, veneers, bonding to close a gap, Invisalign, etc.? Or, do you let them go on their merry way, never ever helping them realize their full potential and hidden, inner beauty as well as the outer beauty that emerges and crystallizes when they see the smile Mother Nature WANTED them to have???

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