What I Learned from a Local Retailer – A Clothing Store – Contd.

I recently told the story of excellent salesmanship/customer service in a local retail store.

To-date, he reports having received not just one, but TWO follow-up postcards from The Buckle.

These aren’t ordinary postcards, either.

They have much the same effect, maybe even more so, as the follow-up “critical care” call that you or your team makes to patients who may have had a particularly rough visit.

You do make those calls don’t you?

There are, in my book, certain procedures that must be adhered to in the realm of patient service.

If there’s blood, slight to severe pain, long appointment time, etc., all these patients deserve a “How ya doin’?” call from you or the assistant helping you with the patient.

Back to The Buckle – the postcard he rec’d in the mail asked if he was “…happy with your shoes you purchased – hopefully they are working for you.”

He didn’t buy his new shoes there, at The Buckle, but he did buy them that day, elsewhere, and he specifically recalls the salesgal asking about his shoes and he told her they were just purchased.

A similar reaction from a patient takes place when you ask about things that have happened since their last visit that you hopefully took notes about on their chart.

This small, seemingly irrelevant step, makes huge inroads into establishing credibility and relationship with your patients.

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