When Do You Say “Thanks?”

Couple things you should NOT wait for next year to do:

Ÿ Business Planning (that includes marketing, advertising, improvements, new eqpt purchases, personal and business investments, etc.)

Ÿ Sending out insurance letters.

Ÿ AND, most importantly, don’t forget to say “Thank YOU!” to your patients. After all, without them, you’re practice is a shell with some high-priced, high-tech equipment.

So…what’s appropriate and how do you tell one thousand, or two thousand of your patients “Thank YOU?”

Here’s an idea:

Mail each and every patient of record a Thanksgiving Card, thanking them for their business, referrals and overall generous patronage.

In return, GIVE them an irresistible gift, inside the card.

Mailing a Christmas Card or Holiday Card during December gets you no love. No Exposure… No new business. Why?

Everyone does that. Even vendors you can’t stand, patients you’d rather not see again, and vice versa (patients who’d rather not see you again), relatives you’ve never met or seen in 15 or 20 years and so on. Your card, if mailed during the busy weeks of December, gets lost in the foray, the mess and busy-ness that is the holidays…giving you little if ANY value whatsoever.

So, be different. Go against the tide. THANK those you care about in the month of giving.

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