Why Successful People Are Successful


I want to talk today about implementation and what successful people do in order to be successful and keep on being successful.

I’m able to get done what I get done because I don’t waste time and I have very structured days. I have goals and projects I must finish or start daily and I simply won’t go to bed unless they’re done. That doesn’t mean I don’t procrastinate. I do. I just won’t settle for not accomplishing whatever it takes to reach my goals.

And, what I hate more than anything are the whiners, or as Michael Vance of Disney fame calls ‘em, Pissers and Moaners, who say they just don’t have the time! I say, HOGWASH!

I get done whatever I have to when I have to.

But I will share with you this other secret: I surround myself with incredibly competent, intelligent (more so than I) experts for staff, vendors and advisors. I don’t deal with painfully slow, old school, backward or dependent personalities. I quickly “extract” them from my life as they do nothing but suck out the very juice that energizes me.

In short, if you’ve read ALL of his books, and I encourage you to do so, I have employed the Robert Kiyosaki principle of utilizing the team approach in projects and also especially in areas where I lack knowledge. Robert, in his books, talks about hiring accountants, the best real estate agents, and the best attorneys. I try to do the same.

Anyway, successful people take the bull by the horns. Here’s an example from I believe it was Dr. Schaumberg (sorry if that’s wrong!): We printed up a pad of paper that sits in each op that asks for the patient’s experience that very day, that very minute in the office [a testimonial!]. It includes a permission sentence or two on using their comments in advertising and so on. I’m bonusing the staff $5 for each one they collect.

Also, someone else had the idea of using a “Referral Pad” for specialists and other professionals – give them a biz card along with this pad and give those folks a “tool” to send their clients to you.

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