YOUR “Success” Boils Down To This…

This week’s tip is about achieving SUCCESS.

I’m sure by now in your career you’ve learned this:

Success boils down to one simple thing: IMPLEMENTATION


Ideas are a dime a dozen. They come across my desk and my mind a few hundred times a day. I’ve learned over the years to carefully siphon off the good ones, which incidentally meet one criterion: ARE THEY ACTIONABLE? Then my next question is: AT WHAT RATE/HOW QUICKLY CAN I OR SOMEONE ELSE GET IT DONE?

When you look at your list of “tasks to achieve,” your TO-DO List, get the ones out of the way first that can be done by someone else with little if any instruction from you. Next, get those done you can do the quickest, AND THEN tackle the ones that will take more of your time/involvement. BUT ALWAYS delegate that which can be delegated.

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