Your Best Investment, Hands Down.

I don’t know who said it, but I like the phrase: Nothing happens until someone is sold.

Same goes for your practice.

It may sound self-serving, (and, probably it is eventually), but how much energy, time, effort and CA$H have you invested in yourself and in acquiring new patients, educating existing patients and getting ALL of them, staff, surrounding professionals, etc. on board and referring to you?

Mark Cuban,, who owns an NBA team, and has a Trump knock-off show, recently told an interviewer that most people should never invest in the stock market – that only insiders make money. He ought to know.

As Dan Kennedy puts is: “…this is THE investment we can make over which we have near total control.” Stocks and many other activities into which you throw your hard-earned ca$h just don’t offer that freedom.

Make a goal in 2005 to: Invest MORE in yourself and invest MORE in the things that matter…YOU, your patients and your staff (your business). Invariably, it’s a better return than any stock in the market. And, if you’re willing to pile up hundreds of thousands in your 401(k), why not invest a few grand extra a month in your practice. I’ll bet the immediate and future returns will smother your investments in stocks or retirement funds…Go kick some rear-end and take names…

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